“Do Not incriminate your self ….”

Spam pointing me to germanfriendfinder, claiming to come from “Singlesnet Customer Service”.
Asking me if I want sex tonight.
Well, I’m not going to Germany for it.

And it is a very long time since I saw this “disclaimer”.

P.S Do Not incriminate your self by reporting a faulty Spam complaint if
you have not attempted to get removed first.
end an email to the following
mailto: [removed]
This email was sent to you because you are a valued customer. If you no longer like to receive our advertisements,
5776-D Lindero Canyon Rd #179, Westlake Village, CA 91362 USA
* * *

A spamcomplaint would not have been “faulty”, if I had sent off one.
For various reasons, I didn’t.

Slightly interesting address, that “5776-D Lindero Canyon Rd #179”.
But I don’t have time, or more correctly: I choose to spend it elsewhere.

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Twitter hacks and cleanseprox – a quickie

Just a quick one regarding todays hacking of Twitter accounts.

The links given by the tweets from the compromised accounts seems to take this route (there may of course be others):

  1. http://qwecvgfjk.info/ (
  2. http://www.onlyfreeoffersonline.com/redir.aspx?CID=27453&AFID=39261&DID=119273 (
  3. http://www.cleancoloncleanse.com/ (

Which makes me think of “affiliate” spam. With the aid of hacking.
Well, the company behind will of course use the affiliate excuse. But who really believes them?

Footer text on cleancoloncleanse.com: “Copyright Teloxys Technologies Ltd.”
The support page on cleancoloncleanse.com goes to herbaltechsupport.com (
Support phonenumber: 800-536-9026.

Orders are taken at cleancoloncleanse.safewebstore.com (

Apparently tied to acai berry spam too.

Googling e.g. phonenumber, cleanseprox or Teloxys Technologies gives you food enough if you want to dig further.
One of the results are Facebook spam, after hacking accounts.
This hit is one example, Teloxys Technologies goes over dead bodies to earn money:
N.S. girl angry as dead mom’s Facebook account hacked

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Not sure what to do with teenage hackers…

Not sure what to do with teenage hackers/skiddies or whatever I should call them.

I’ll figure it out someday.

Maybe on Monday. I’m already slowly getting in a bad mood.
Yes, maybe Monday.

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