Falling behind on my payments?

I wonder about the quality of the Viral Spiral idiots records:

Our records indicate you may be struggling to make your
mortgage payments, and may be falling behind on your payments.
If your income has dropped or you have another hardship that is
causing you financial difficulty, we may be able to help you get
financial relief from your home loan lender. Complete the form
to get a free financial evaluation to determine if you qualify
for payment relief.   I look forward to working with you

With a link to bratchaeal. com.

The spam ends like this (sligthly edited):

Thank you for signing up with us with the email address of [deleted].
All of us here with MSC. will continue to do our best in
bringing you the best and most exciting offers we can on a weekly
http://www.bratchaeal. com/transmissions no
thanks, no more ads or offers please
565 S. Mason Rd, Unit 233,Katey, tx. 77450

All typical fingerprints of James Carner, formerly known as the “Viral Spiral” idiot. Well, on this blog, that is.
Unless it is a copycat. Or a catfight between Carner and Pirro. Or maybe they are still in bed. Or he could be cooperating with Gregory Williams.
I don’t have a clue. Someone is spamming, whoever it is.

This guy ( scamspam.org ) is better than me to document his spam:

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