Referrer spam ends up in malware – stars-vs-stars. com

Beware of referrer spam in your weblogs.

At the moment stars-vs-stars. com (hosted on ecatel btw) redirects to http:||olympionik.limewebs. com/xplaymovie.html,
which again redirects to various malware/domains at ( – Michael Lavrik), an infamous IP for hosting malware.
During the last two days, the following domain names have been used:
greatmultimediaservices. com, multimediautilites. com, digitalbluemultimedia. com. is the active one as I write this.

Poor detection at, 4-8 vendors recognize the malware.
It seems it is being constantly changed.

A screenshot from http:||olympionik.limewebs. com/xplaymovie.html :

Screenshot from

If you click on that one, a file named “video-plugin.[varies].exe” will be downloaded.
As mentioned, not many AV vendors recognize those at this moment.

Maybe more later.

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