– Phoenix raising from the ashes?

Got this one a couple of days ago.
I don’t know.
October is here and it is not much time left.
If anybody else is interested … seems to be live at, Leaseweb. No surprise there, rotten place.

Good day, dear forum member CARDER.CC

After a three-year break our forum resumes. Since you have received this message, it means you’re one of those whose account is not deleted on the forum. Let’s hope – not in vain.

All the principles of access to the forum will be seriously reconsidered. Will be introduced the hard surety and financial liability. Forum is fully enclosed and paid as Only then can we ensure that the work on it only those who really need a forum, not a place for quality kidka.

As always – welcome professionals in their field, both for the moderation of the relevant sections and to provide quality services.

This offer is valid only until October 1, 2011. If you are not logged in to the forum before that time, your account will be blocked. Sorry, but this is a security policy.

If you are satisfied with the new conditions – are waiting for you. If not – good luck in your business.

Sincerely, S-tamps

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