Oh, really?

This is a bit funny:

remarks:         This is Ideal-Solution and 2x4.ru Hosting IP network
remarks:         ***************************************
remarks:         note for spamhause company of usa:
remarks:         stop follow this subnet, nothing bad here, you can contact us if need.
remarks:         ***************************************

I wonder if “spamhause company of usa” actually is meant to be spamhaus.org.
Everybody knows that Steve Linford is floating around in a houseboat somewhere in Britain, don’t we?
Well, we are perhaps almost equal in knowledge there, the russians and myself, regarding geography and the whereabouts of Spamhaus.
But I feel reasonably sure that they are not in the US.

And I also know that the netblock, “Ideal Solution Ltd”, mounted by WebAlta has a history of exploits, trojan and you can name whatever bad stuff you can imagine on the net. And 2×4.ru? Not exactly angels.

At least they are better at hosting criminal activity than in geography.
Always good to feel you master something, whatever it is.

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