OK, lets talk nice and talk like honest human.

I’ve been wondering a bit about the mails I get from girls who’d like to meet me. The ones from Eastern Europe dominate.

I got an email from Africa a couple of days ago (I think) and some of the content went like this:

ADD my yahoo id below to your yahoo messenger and lets chat and please respect your respect as you come.

Somewhat later followed by:

i will only welcome who talk nice and talk like honest human if your going to add me for free or trying to ripp your wasting your wasting your please i need honest human and understanding human please do as you say and dont get embarssed.

If you read this, I hope you don’t see how embarssed I am.
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“Do Not incriminate your self ….”

Spam pointing me to germanfriendfinder, claiming to come from “Singlesnet Customer Service”.
Asking me if I want sex tonight.
Well, I’m not going to Germany for it.

And it is a very long time since I saw this “disclaimer”.

P.S Do Not incriminate your self by reporting a faulty Spam complaint if
you have not attempted to get removed first.
end an email to the following
mailto: [removed]
This email was sent to you because you are a valued customer. If you no longer like to receive our advertisements,
5776-D Lindero Canyon Rd #179, Westlake Village, CA 91362 USA
* * *

A spamcomplaint would not have been “faulty”, if I had sent off one.
For various reasons, I didn’t.

Slightly interesting address, that “5776-D Lindero Canyon Rd #179”.
But I don’t have time, or more correctly: I choose to spend it elsewhere.

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